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Congratulations to Boys U-15A (Small) - 2009 NVYLL Champs!!!





ALC Bullet  2010 Spring Registration

December 1, 2009

2010 Spring registration is now open.   Notice this year that we will be using a new registration site.  In the very near future, this site will also host a revamped version of 

Registration Details...


  • Early Bird Discounts ($25 off U-9 and older) - 12/1/2009 thru 1/14/2010
  • Standard Registration - 1/15/2010 thru 2/28/2010
  • Late Registration - 3/1/2010 thru 3/15/2010

We strongly encourage families to register sooner, as opposed to later.  Early registration allows us to plan for the Spring more accurately... order Uniforms, arrange for Coaches, Budget for Equipment, etc.  We would much rather have parents register early and charged less!

Registration Requirements

 New this year, there will be two components to your child's registration...

  • Algonkian Lacrosse registration fee ($150 U9 - U15; $50 U7)
  • US Lacrosse membership ($25 for new members)

This structure was put in place in order to reduce costs, insure our players, as well as provide additional benefits associated with the greater lacrosse community.  Both memberships have been integrated into our registration system, so signing up should be pretty easy. 

NOTE: Many players are already members of US Lacrosse.  For these players, as long as your membership is current through 6/30/2010, you are all set. (This can be confirmed via the USL Lookup integrated into our registration process)


Please use the League Athletics registration address for the time being.  As mentioned previously, over the next few days, this will be moved over to

Any questions, drop us a line at


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ALC Bullet  One Bowl Game Buys Many Lacrosse Sticks

The Wall Street Journal - October 23, 2009

Whenever the NCAA issues a report documenting the net revenue of sports across the country, there are always two inevitabilities: Football and basketball make gobs of money, while almost everything else is in the red.

You name it, and colleges lose money on it. In a list examining the athletic departments of 119 Division I schools, 15 of the 17 men's sports the NCAA examined lost money. Baseball and track and field were the most costly, and even fencing had a median loss of $114,000. Only basketball and football were profitable, but they don't bring in enough cash to offset the money-draining volleyball and wrestling teams of the world.


The combined annual profit for football and basketball (using median figures) was about $2.5 million. But if you take the median profits of every sport the NCAA documented, the typical athletic program lost almost $4 million. (And that doesn't include women's sports—all 19 the NCAA examined lost money, including basketball.)

Baseball teams are a particularly substantial financial drain largely because these programs offer nearly as many scholarships as basketball and travel as much as football teams. Another major problem is attendance. Some of the most prestigious football programs welcome 100,000-plus fans to home games. Meanwhile, last year when San Diego State had pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg—the No. 1 pick in the 2009 MLB Draft and widely considered one of the best prospects ever—the team averaged 1,012 fans per game. That's not to mention television contracts. Major networks aren't exactly lining up to broadcast the national gymnastics championships.



But in the end, if your basketball and football teams rake in wins, your school will rake in cash. The Florida Gators' cross-country and swimming teams, among others, lost $4.6 million last year. Football and basketball? They pulled in a gaudy $49.4 million.

—David Biderman


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ALC Bullet  US Women's National Team GIRLS CLINIC - Nov 14

University of Maryland Baltimore County, Catonsville, MD - November 10, 2009

US Lacrosse annually conducts U.S. Women's National Team clinics for youth and high school girls' lacrosse players (ages 10-18). These clinics, held in conjunction with local US Lacrosse chapters, are excellent opportunities for youth and high school girls to learn from the best players in the United States. The clinics serve as fundraisers for the U.S. Women's National Teams program and for the local host chapters.

The cost of this year's clinics is $55

This year's clinic series debuts in November in the Baltimore area, with additional clinic dates and sites to be announced shortly for December and January.

Date • Saturday, November 14, 2009   

Location UMBC in Catonsville, Md.

Venue • UMBC Stadium

Register Youth (grades 3-8) 

               High School
(grades 9-12)

Time • Both clinics will run concurrently from 8:30 - 11 a.m.

General Information

  • Players should arrive 30 minutes prior to the clinic start time in order to check-in
  • Participants are required to bring a mouth guard, sticks, eyewear and appropriate footwear (there will be both indoor and outdoor fields - please plan accordingly)
  •  Players should bring their own water bottle
  •  Clinic participants must also be a member of US Lacrosse. If you have questions regarding your US Lacrosse membership status, please call 410.235.6882 ext. 102.


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ALC Bullet  Boys LAX Rules Revisions Focus on Pre-Game Management and Risk Minimization

By NFHS Press Release
Sep 21, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Beginning next season, boys lacrosse players must wrap their fingers around the handle of the crosse during a faceoff.

This clarification of Rule 4-3-4 was one of nine changes made by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee at its July 14-15 meeting in Indianapolis. These changes were subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors.

“Fingers may not touch the head of the crosse,” said Kent Summers, NFHS assistant director and liaison to the Boys Lacrosse Rules Committee, “and further, a player must wrap his fingers around the handle.”

In other changes, Rule 2-1-1 now clarifies the penalty and procedure if a team fails to have a properly equipped goalkeeper at the beginning of the contest. The new entry reads: “A team shall begin the game with at least 10 players and must have a legally equipped goalkeeper on the field at all times or it forfeits the game.”

“The rule was put in place last year, but the penalty was not clearly stipulated when a team started a game without a properly equipped goalkeeper,” Summers said. “It is now more clearly stated.”

The rules committee also identified “Failure to have a properly equipped designated goalkeeper” as illegal procedure in Rule 6-5-2t.

In 2010, the NFHS wants to ensure that enforcement of the current check rules is closely followed. A portion of Rule 4-16 was rewritten to state that “Body checking of an opponent in possession of the ball or within five yards of a loose ball or when the ball is in flight within five yards of a player is legal.”

Also revised for the 2010 season was Rule 6-3-2f, which now reads: “Hold the crosse of the opponent using any part of the body.” This revision makes “locking down with his arm or any other part of the body” over a defender’s stick illegal.

Four of the nine rules revisions are major editorial changes. Rule 4-3-1 was changed in order to establish possession of the ball if a period ends with one of the teams being a man down due to a penalty. The rule gives possession to the team that would have been awarded possession after the penalty or entitled to possession by a play-on. If neither team has a man advantage, the next period will begin with a faceoff.

Another major editorial change was approved in Rule 4-6-3a, which now states: “In the case of a loose ball declared out of bounds, the location of the restart is determined by the point where the ball broke the plane of the boundary line.”

Rule 4-9-2k was changed to clarify procedure in Rule 5-4 Situations D and E. The rule clarified the situation if a player adjusts the strings or crosse in any way before an official has inspected the stick, and how this situation would be handled.

Finally, the rules committee added a new sentence to the first paragraph of Rule 7-3: “If the ball has crossed the end line prior to the penalty occurring, the ball shall be restarted at that spot.” This makes any simultaneous foul (either live ball or dead ball) have the same restart location and clarifies last year’s original change to this rule.

In addition to the nine rules revisions, the committee also established five Points of Emphasis for the upcoming season: 1) pregame management and risk minimization; 2) enforcement of current body check rules; 3) reminding players and coaches that, although the NCAA has revised stick specifications beginning with the 2010 season, the NFHS stick dimensions have not changed; 4) stalling; and 5) crosse construction.

Boys lacrosse had 88,596 participants in 1,984 schools during the 2008-09 season, according to the High School Athletics Participation Survey conducted by the NFHS.

NOTE: NVYLL Boys play by a slightly modified set of NFHS rules.


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ALC Bullet  2010 Final Four Tickets On Sale!

M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore - May 28-30, 2010

The collegiate lacrosse Final Four is returning to Baltimore in 2010!   If you have never attended a Final Four weekend, its as good as it gets.... the tailgates, the colors, the camaraderie and the best men's collegiate lacrosse has to offer over Memorial Day Weekend.

The general public sale will begin on Tuesday, June 16th through TicketMaster online, by phone or any TicketMaster location OR by calling the Baltimore Ravens Ticket Office at (410) 261-RAVE (7283). Tickets are sold as an All-Session Package, which includes a ticket to all three days. There are no single game tickets available until the week of the event, if tickets are still available. We are expecting very large crowds and encourage fans to order tickets early. All seat locations are reserved seating.

For more information download the 2010 Ticket & Hospitality Brochure

2010 Game Dates (All times TBD):

  • Saturday, May 29th – Division I Semi-Finals (Two games)
  • Sunday, May 30th – Division II & III Finals (Two games)
  • Monday, May 31st – Division I Finals (One game)

All-Session Tickets:

  • Club Level – $125
  • Lower Level Sideline – $95
  • Lower Level Endzone – $86
  • Upper Level – $70

A group discount is available for Groups of 20 or more in the Lower Level Endzone and Upper Level Sideline.

All-Session Group Tickets:

  • Lower Level Endzone – $81
  • Upper Level – $65

For further information... NCAA Final Four Website

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ALC Bullet  Remember The Tribe!

2009 NVYLL Playoff Recap

Boys and Girls Tribe teams made their first appearance in the NVYLL Playoffs last weekend.  All seven eligible teams qualified for the playoffs, with 4 teams coming away with wins. For the tournament, Tribe teams had a cumulative record of 7-6.

Playoff Highlights

Boys U-11B

The undefeated (8-0-1) Boys U-11B survived an early scare, then put together their two best games of the season. 

  • Saturday in Round 1, the Tribe jumped out to an early 3-0 lead against our friends and ex-teammates from Ashburn.  Someone forgot to tell Ashburn the game was out of reach and the Bandits showed a lot of character chipping away, ultimately taking a 4-3 second half lead.  The Tribe answered the call, came roaring back with 2 goals and won the game 5-4.

  • In Round 2 on Sunday, the Tribe ran into a solid team from Manassas.  Algonkian came out strong, executing their 1-3-2 Motion offense with precision, scoring on a number of pretty feeds to cutting midfielders.  The team had solid defensive effort, both goalies were incredible, and the attack did a great job riding hard.  After jumping out to a 4-0 halftime lead, the Tribe cruised to a 6-2 win.

  • Sunday evening, the boys entered the Championship game pitted against 10-1 Herndon-Reston.  Playing their best lacrosse of the season, the Tribe jumped out to a 4-2 halftime lead, holding Herndon-Reston's high powered offense in check.  Herndon-Reston pecked away at the lead, scoring the game tying goal with a few minutes remaining in regulation.  The 5-5 game went into overtime with the Tribe dominating play early, but unable to put the ball in the back of the net.  Herndon-Reston took advantage of an Extra Man opportunity, scoring the winning goal late in the first OT and coming away with the NVYLL Championship.  A super effort by both teams.

Congratulations to the Boys U-11B Tribe on a tremendous 10-1-1 season! 

Oh and we'd be remiss not to mention the U-15A Boys... or should I say...

THE 2009



The 8-1 U-15A Boys entered the season with the goal of being the best of the three ex-Eastern Loudoun Lacrosse clubs at the U-15A level.  Achieving that goal during the regular season, the Tribe's sights got more ambitious...  How about winning the whole dang thing?

  • In Round 1 Saturday morning, the #1 seeded Tribe took care of business, handily defeating Manassas by a score of 13-3.

  • Round 2 Saturday afternoon, Algonkian was matched against a very strong and determined Braddock Road club. Although the game was close throughout, the Tribe pulled away in the final minutes to win comfortably 11-8.

  • Sunday afternoon... Showtime.  The opponent, Fort Hunt... the only blemish on the Tribe's 2009 record.  The boys were pumped up and ready for the challenge!  The game started slowly with both teams trying to poke holes in each other's game plans when the Algonkian drew first blood 3 minutes into the game.  It was a hard fought battle, but as the game approached its conclusion, the Tribe found itself up 7-1 with two minutes remaining.  As the clock wound down Ft. Hunt managed 2 late goals, but when the horn sounded, the Algonkian Tribe claimed a championship!  It was truly a team effort, highlighted by flawless goal keeping, a tenacious defense, a midfield that refused to let up, and an attack that was determined to make sure history did not repeat itself.  Every player on the 16 man roster contributed in this effort.

Boys U-15A completed the season with an 11-1 record, scoring an average of 10 goals a game (the most of any boys team in NVYLL at ANY age group!)  



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ALC Bullet  The Tribe Completes a Strong Inaugural Regular Season

May 31, 2009

Every Eligible Team Qualifies for the NVYLL Playoffs!

It was a good weekend to be a member of the Tribe...

  • U-11B Girls made history with Algonkian's first playoff appearance ever
  • We had 4 Regular Season Division Champs...
    • Boys U-15A (Small)
    • Boys U-15C Northwest
    • Boys U-11B Northwest-Blue
    • Boys U-11C Northwest

All seven Tribe teams eligible for NVYLL Playoffs qualified!  And our U-9 Girls and Boys did a great job at the NVYLL U-9 Fun Day today.  Overall, not too shabby for a first year program...

Come out and support the boys teams this weekend.  The First and Second Round games will be on Saturday, June 6 and (hopefully) NVYLL Championships on Sunday, June 7.  Reference and/or for times and locations.



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ALC Bullet  Lacrosse Muscles Its Way West

The Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2009

A Sport Incubated by Eastern Prep Schools Quietly Picks Up Converts; Big Gains in California


This weekend in Foxboro, Mass., more than 100,000 spectators are expected to pour into Gillette Stadium to see four schools -- Duke, Virginia, Cornell and Syracuse -- square off for the national championship of a sport that, if the numbers are correct, you'll be hearing a lot more about. That sport is lacrosse.

Until recently, lacrosse -- America's other stick and ball sport -- was rarely on TV and only its championship games generated much in the way of media coverage. It was mostly played on the East Coast, and it was often viewed as a game for private-school kids. Some of the game's most electrifying athletes -- Gary and Paul Gait; Casey, Ryan and Michael Powell -- were little known outside core followers. The sole exception may be Jim Brown, the former Cleveland Browns running back who played lacrosse at Syracuse University.

"Lacrosse has taken off because it combines the hitting of football, the speed of basketball, and requires the endurance of soccer," says Kyle Harrison, who led Johns Hopkins to a national championship in 2005 and who won that year's Tewaaraton Trophy as the country's best male player.

These days the sport is showing serious growth. Participation in high school lacrosse has about doubled this decade, to a total of 143,946 boys and girls playing on high school lacrosse teams in the 2007-08 school year, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations, which tracks participation by sport. In 2000-01, there were 74,225 high school lacrosse players.

And the fervor goes beyond high schools. A 2007 survey by the National Sporting Goods Association found an estimated 1.2 million Americans over age 7 had played lacrosse within the previous year -- an increase of 40% since 1999.

See the complete article at the The Wall Street Journal


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ALC Bullet  Daddio, Maltz examples of Loudoun's lacrosse growth

By Jason S. Rufner, Loudoun Times-Mirror, Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Loudoun Valley's Chris Daddio, left, and Stone Bridge's Derek Maltz have committed to play lacrosse for 2008 national champion Syracuse University despite having not yet played their junior seasons in high school.

--Times-Mirror Staff Photo/Lisa Johnson

Prior to the turn of the millennium, lacrosse in Loudoun County was a footnote in the spring sports landscape. There were some dedicated players and ardent supporters of the fast-paced, high-energy game, but sports like baseball, softball and soccer dominated athletes' attention as the weather warmed.

In the early part of this decade, the local youth league encompassed the entire county, and college offerings to high school players were rare.

Now, the Loudoun Youth Lacrosse League comprises four branches -- Algonkian, Ashburn, Dulles South and Western -- and Loudoun talent is starting to percolate to the highest heights of the collegiate ranks.

See the complete article at the Loudoun Times-Mirror


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ALC Bullet  ELL to Split League

Five years ago Paul Ruffing and I were asked to start Eastern Loudoun Lacrosse. We had a handful of volunteers and about 200 players.  Over the years, we have had many great people join the team.  The goal in Loudoun County has been to grow the sport and ultimately reach a level so that each Loudoun County high school has a youth program feeding it.  We have come a long way and are getting close to that goal. In spring 2008, Eastern Loudoun Lacrosse was the largest league in NVYLL. After the season, our board reviewed where we are and made the decision to split the existing league into three leagues to accommodate growth and help maintain some sanity for the board.  As we approach the 600 player mark in our league, we decided it was best to re-organize into three leagues that have some room to grow, as follows:

  • Ashburn Youth Lacrosse (AYL) for all players that live in the Broad Run and Stone Bridge High School districts. The point of contact for this league is Peter Roth .
  • Dulles South Youth Lacrosse (DSYL) for all players that live in the Briar Woods and Freedom High School districts. The point of contact for this league is Pete Tapley .
  • Algonkian Lacrosse Club (ALC) for all players that live in the Dominion, Park View and Potomac Falls High School districts. The point of contact for this league is Paul Ruffing

These new leagues will submit for acceptance to NVYLL this summer and begin play in the 2009 spring season.  Each league will send out a note to parents in their area.  Please wait to receive that email before you ask questions.  Always remember what makes "all volunteer" organizations work are the parents.  The more that help; the better the new leagues will be. Contact your point of contact if you are willing to help.

Maria and I want to thank everyone that helped make Eastern Loudoun Lacrosse the success it is today.  We had a blast but now is the time for new ideas and new perspectives.  We are ready to take a step back and let others lead lacrosse in our area to even greater heights.  There are so many people that helped at the board level and many terrific coaches, but special thanks to Paul Ruffing, Peter Roth, Kara Pascale, Jim Birks, Tom Worstell, Glenn Shaup, Gerard Oswald, Mark Moran, Mary Brendes, Katie Tarrant, Mark Osbourne, Mel Martin, Jim Brennan and the fathers of Loudoun Lacrosse - Jay Harkey and Tim Duggan.  The amount of time and effort these people put in is unreal.

We hope you all can experience the same joy we have through this great sport.  See you around the Loudoun lacrosse fields.

Go Warriors!

Mark & Maria Madigan


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