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Congratulations to Boys U-15A (Small) - 2009 NVYLL Champs!!!




Should I Buy or Rent Equipment for my Son?

Three different approaches to consider... Rent, Buy Used, Buy New

  • Renting - $75 / season
  • Buying Used - About $100 for helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves
  • Buying New - Around $180 for starter equipment; Algonkian has a limited amount of rental equipment. No guarantees that we'll have enough for everyone, first come/first served with an emphasis on first year players. (to encourage the growth of the sport)

Buying Used can be a good approach. Play It Again Sports in Leesburg sells used equipment.

Buying New, the risk of course is the outlay and your son decides he doesn't want to play again. I'd offset this with the fact that Algonkian likes to sponsor used equipment sales at the end of the year. Worst case scenario, you could sell your equipment there or to Play It Again Sports, and get some of your money back.

Bottom line... if you think you son is going to play for more than a year, it definitely makes sense to buy your own equipment.  Two Spring seasons is roughly the break even point.


How long does the Spring NVYLL season last?

Practice will begin in late February, as soon as Loudoun County releases fields to Algonkian Lacrosse.  Here's the tentative schedule for the Spring 2010 NVYLL season...

Event Boys Girls Comments
Game #1 Sat. March 27 Sun. March 28  
  Sat. April 3 Sun. April 4 LCPS Spring Break 3/29 - 4/2
Game #2 Sat. April 10 Sun. April 11  
Game #3 Sat. April 17 Sun. April 18  
Game #4 Sat. April 24 Sun. April 25  
Game #5 Sat. May 1 Sun. May 2  
Game #6 Sat. May 8 Sun. May 9  
Game #7 Sat. May 15 Sun. May 16  
Game #8 Sat. May 22 Sun. May 23  
(No Events) Sat. May 29 Sun. May 30 Memorial Day Weekend
Game #9 Sat. June 5 Sun. June 6 * U-9 Festival (Sun 6/6)


My son is an advanced player and with the advent of the National Premier Youth Lacrosse League (NPYLL) Spring season is debating whether to play for Algonkian or tryout for a NPYLL club.  Any advice regarding what we should do?

There are a couple aspects to this decision that are critical to consider...

  • Your choices are not necessarily mutually exclusive.. It may make a lot of sense to play for both clubs. (see below)
  • Algonkian Lacrosse guarantees playing time, while NPYLL teams do not.  The Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) mandates that all players participate in at least 25% of the game.  Algonkian Lacrosse instructs its coaches to shoot for 50% participation.  There are no playing time guidelines in the NPYLL.
  • The core intent of the two leagues differ... Algonkian concentrates on developing players from the beginner level and having the children play together in preparation for high school play.  NPYLL clubs are designed to be travelling all star teams, exposing elite players to the best competition in Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area.

The best advice that we can give is carefully evaluate you child's situation, abilities, maturity before making your decision.  Speak to your child's previous coach(es) in order to get an unbiased evaluation.  Research the NPYLL clubs and understand how they operate.  Are they a non-profit organization?  What is there position regarding players participating on multiple teams?  How often do they practice?  Where?  Is your child ready to make the jump to NPYLL?  Are you prepared to make the time & monetary commitment?  How is your child going to react to the possibility getting little or no playing in a game?

The safest route is to register for Algonkian Lacrosse.  This will guarantee a club that your child can play on this Spring.  Worst case scenario, your child makes a NPYLL club, you choose not to also play for Algonkian, you request a refund and it costs you a $15 processing fee.  Keep in mind NPYLL clubs have tryouts and your child must make the club.  There is no guarantee here... this is a highly competitive league.  Some of the NPYLL clubs (Loudoun Fuze, for example) state that their club should be treated as a "second sport" that supplements the NVYLL clubs (such as Algonkian).  As a result, a natural complement should exist between these NPYLL clubs and the NVYLL.  NVYLL boys games are scheduled on Saturdays; NPYLL Capital Division games are scheduled on Sundays, so game conflicts should be rare.  As a result, many elite players plan on playing for both Algonkian as well as NPYLL clubs (such as the Loudoun Fuze).  This mix provides the best of both worlds... maximize the playing time with your future high school teammates, while at the same time facing the best talent the Baltimore/Washington area has to offer.


Can players play up or down in an age group level?

NVYLL does allow players to play in a higher age bracket.  Playing "down" is generally never permitted.


When are games?

Boy’s are typically Saturday and Girl’s Sunday afternoon.  Times vary.


Where are games played?

Home games are played in Sterling.  Our game field is located at Claude Moore Park.  Away game location is dependant upon the opponent but in Northern Virginia.


When is the first practice?

The first team practices will be early March.  This depends on when the county allows us to use their fields, as well as favorable weather conditions.


When is the first game?

The first game will be Saturday, March 28th for boys and Sunday, March 29th for girls.


When are practices held?

Practices are 2 or 3 times a week, in the late afternoon to early evening.  Days and times are dependant upon county field allocation, coaches’ preference, and day light hours available.  Practice schedule will not be decided upon until the week before practice begins.


Does the league give refunds?

Refunds minus a 10% transaction fee are given up to the first practice


What Division should my child register for? What is the cutoff date

Spring 2009 Season: U-15 (born 1994 and 1995), U-13 (born 1996 and 1997), U-11 (born 1998 and 1999), U-9 (born 2000, 2001 and 2002). The cutoff date is your child's age as off Dec 31, 2008.


What equipment is needed?

Players require a lacrosse stick, cleats, mouthpiece, and protective cup (for boys and all goalies).  Additional boys’ equipment: lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves; Rib pads (optional). Additional girls’ equipment: goggles.


What equipment is included in rental?

As a general policy, rental equipment is only available to first year players. Rental equipment includes a lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves.


Where can we buy equipment?

There are many online vendors, as well as many local sporting goods stores sell lacrosse equipment. For used equipment, check Play It Again (Leesburg) (Reference Lax Links for a number of equipment websites).


How are requests to be on a team with a specific coach or player?

We place players on teams as follows:

  1. Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL) requires we assign players to teams based on skill level and within the appropriate division (ex. U-11 B) we balance our teams;
  2.  Group players on teams by location;
  3.  Attempt to accommodate parental requests.